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AK Press is a collectively owned and operated independent publisher and book distributor that specialises in radical and anarchist literature.

AK was originally founded in Stirling, Scotland by Ramsey Kanaan in 1987 as a small mail order outlet, named after his mother Ann Kanaan.[1] The project soon expanded, venturing into independent book publishing, and AK Press also now has a branch in Oakland, California (formerly San Francisco), United States. Kanaan and several other members of AK Press left in 2007 to form a new radical publishing company PM Press.[2] AK Press is organized as a workers' co-operative, which means that it is owned by all members of the collective and works without bosses, every member having equal say and equal pay. It operates online through in the United States, and in Europe. In the USA its bookmobile travels around the country (to protests, activist conferences, etc; mostly by request). In the UK, they run stalls at similar events. Its books - on topics including anarchism, globalization, and animal rights, among others - are often difficult to find through mainstream outlets. Works published by AK Press include reprints of radical classics as well as original works (see list below).

It also sells clothing, buttons, stickers, and various "anarchist props" like an upside down map of the world and the red and black flag of anarcho-syndicalism. AK Press has released spoken word albums by distinguished radicals such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Jello Biafra, Arundhati Roy and Mumia Abu Jamal and music by artists including David Rovics and Utah Phillips.

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