Basin Electric Power Cooperative is a wholesale electric generation and transmission cooperative based in North Dakota that provides electricity to 2 million customers in nine U.S. states. The roots of the cooperative go back to 1960 when Leland Olds and ten power suppliers created Giant Power Cooperative. Giant Power was first going to be a generation and transmission cooperative, but to keep electricity cheaper for rural customers, Basin Electric Power Cooperative was started in 1961. Today, Basin Electric's power sources include coal, electricity, natural gas, and wind. The current CEO and General Manager is Ronald R. Harper.

Member cooperativesEdit

Direct purchasingEdit


Class D MembersEdit

States served by Basin ElectricEdit

Power GenerationEdit

  • Antelope Valley Station
  • Chamberlain Wind Project
  • Earl F. Wisdom Generating Station Unit 2
  • Groton Generating Station
  • Laramie River Station (co-owners and operator)
  • Leland Olds Station
  • Madison Peaking Units
  • Minot Wind Project
  • North Dakota Wind Energy Center I
  • Pipestone Wind Project
  • Rosebud Wind Project
  • Recovered Energy Generation (4 sites)
  • Spirit Mound Station
  • South Dakota Wind Energy Center
  • Wilton Wind Energy Center
  • Wyoming Distributed Generation

Subsidiary companiesEdit

Board of DirectorsEdit

  • President Wayne Child District 5
  • Vice President Cliff Gjellstad District 3
  • Sec/Treasurer Kermit Pearson District 1
  • Asst. Secretary Don Applegate District 4
  • Director Gary Drost District 2
  • Director Wayne Peltier District 9[1]
  • Director Dean McCabe District 8
  • Director Roberta Rohrer District 6
  • Director Reuben Ritthaler District 10
  • Director Roy Ireland District 7

External linksEdit

  1. Wayne Peltier - Basin Electric Power Cooperative

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