Calgary Co-operative Association Limited (commonly referred to as Calgary Co-op) is a retail cooperative operating in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Opened in the 1940s as a food store operated by the United Farmers of Alberta in Calgary and eventually changing hands to the Alberta Co-operative Wholesale Association (ACWA) in 1951, the Calgary Co-operative Association was founded to operate the Calgary food store independently of the ACWA, partially due to member dissatisfaction with how the ACWA managed the venture. The Calgary Co-operative association purchased the Calgary store from ACWA in 1956 for $58,000.[1]

Present OperationsEdit

Calgary Co-op manages over $288 million in assets with 22 food stores, 25 gas bars, 16 liquor stores and 9 travel offices operating in the Calgary area, including the communities of Airdrie, Strathmore, and Okotoks. Throughout these locations, the co-operative has over 405,000 members across southern Alberta.


  1. Calgary Co-op 50th Anniversary Magazine

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