CoBank, ACB, a part of the United States Farm Credit System, is an agricultural credit bank serving cooperatives in the agricultural sector. It lends money to farm credit associations, agricultural businesses, and rural utilities, who collectively own CoBank. It also owns 100% of Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation. The company provides international banking services for U.S. agribusinesses, exclusive among banks of the Farm Credit System.

It was previously known as CoBank-National Bank for Cooperatives, and was the product of the merger in 1989 of 11 of 13 Banks for Cooperatives created in 1933 with the Farm Credit Act of 1933. The other two Banks for Cooperatives joined in 1995 (with the merger of CoBank and the Farm Credit Bank of Springfield (Mass.) and the Springfield Bank for Cooperatives) and 1999 (with the merger of CoBank and St. Paul Bank for Cooperatives)

The company is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado

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