The Confédération nationale de la mutualité, de la coopération et du crédit agricole (CNMCCA) (English: The National Confederation of Reciprocity, Co-operation and Agricultural Credit) gathers the various components of the French agricultural mutualist and co-operative movement:

It is member of the CIF (the Conseil de l'agriculture française, or Council of French Agriculture).

Role and function of the CNMCCA Edit

The CNMCCA represents the French mutualist and co-operative agricultural movement sectors to:

  1. The French authorities and other agricultural professional organizations;
  2. European and international authorities: it sits at the Comité des organisations professionnelles agricoles (COPA) ;
  3. Of the whole of the movement mutualist and co-operative French within the framework of the Groupement national de la coopération (GNC) and the ICA at the international level.

Its current President is Jean-Marie Sander; its Director General is Roland Combier.

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