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Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFoB) is a UK co-operative milk processor that buys milk directly from farmers and has several factories producing milk and cheese products for sale in various regions throughout the UK. The company was formed as a raw milk trading business (milk broker) in 2002 with the merger of The Milk Group and Zenith Milk.[1]

Dairy Farmers of Britain is the UK's leading dairy farmers' co-operative, marketing almost 1.4 billion litres of milk per year from more than 2,000 member farms.

In 2004, DFoB became the third largest milk processor in the UK, processing over 1.35 billion litres of milk each year into 600 different dairy products, by purchasing Tyneside-based Associated Co-operative Creameries for £75 million from the Co-operative Group.[2] Key products include a branded range of fresh milk, award winning cheeses in the Cadog range, and many other products such as butter, cream and milk powder.

In April 2007, it announced the intention to cease production at its creamery in Whitby, North Yorkshire.


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