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Dan Bus Company is an Israeli bus company based in Tel Aviv. It operates local bus service in the Gush Dan metropolitan area as well as some intercity bus service connecting the Gush Dan area with nearby regions of the country such as Samaria and Jerusalem. Dan operates 1,200 buses and has 2,400 employees. It transports over 600,000 passengers daily.

The company was founded as a cooperative on December 1, 1945, from the merger of 2 companies, Galei HaMaavir and Ihud Regev. It demutualised, becoming a limited company in May 2002.

Dan provides bus service six days a week. From Friday afternoon until after Sunset Saturday night, service is suspended in observance of the Jewish Sabbath. Dan buses run until approximately 23:30 p.m. and resume service in the early morning hours.

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