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Durand Union Station, also known as the Grand Trunk Railway Station, is a train station located in Durand, Michigan.

Construction and operationEdit

The station is an important part of railway history in the state. Built in 1903 by the Detroit firm of Spier and Rohns[1] it had a high volume of rail traffic as the Grand Trunk and Ann Arbor railroads crossed at that location. It was almost destroyed by fire in 1905, but quickly rebuilt. At its peak, 42 passenger, 22 mail, and 78 freight trains passed through Durand on a daily basis. It serviced almost 3000 passengers a day. The station was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 6, 1971.[2]


In 1974, because of declining traffic and rising costs, Grand Trunk decided to close the station.

The community of Durand purchased the station in 1979 for $1.00[3] and it was brought back to its former glory.

Amtrak continues to provide intercity passenger rail service on the Blue Water route between Chicago and Port Huron, Michigan. Amtrak stops at the historic Station which is located at the junction of major east/west and north/south rail lines. Baggage cannot be checked at this location; however, up to two suitcases in addition to any "personal items" such as briefcases, purses, laptop bags, and infant equipment are allowed on board as carry-ons.

Freight railroads operating in Durand include Canadian National Railway (CN), Huron and Eastern Railway (HESR), and Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway (TSBY).

The station was also selected by the Michigan legislature to serve as the home of the Michigan Railroad History Museum.


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