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Fagor is a large domestic and commercial appliance manufacturer based in the Basque Country, Spain. It is run by the "Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa" and it is one of the fastest growing businesses in Spain.Template:Fact


The co-operative group, one of the largest in the world, was formed in 1956 in a small workshop in Mondragon. Today, The Mondragon Co-Operative Corporation has become a leading business group in the Basque Country and one of the top-ranking groups in Spain.Template:Fact

Global BusinessEdit

MCC brings together 122 industrial companies, 6 financial organisations, 14 retailers, 4 research centres, 1 university and 14 insurance companies and international trade services. It has a turnover of more than 14,700 million pounds and a workforce of over 69,000 people.

The group is divided up into three main divisions: the finance division, the retail division and the industrial division.

A program of major international expansion has seen Fagor achieve a workforce of 6,074 people and factories located in three continents: Europe, America and Africa with 13 subsidiaries throughout the world as well as a major sales network present in 80 countries in 5 continents.

Currently, 44% of Fagor's sales are international, and of these, 70% take place in those markets that are considered the most competitive: France, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. Fagor markets its products under seven different brand names:






De Dietrich

Fagor Commercial

The purchase of the Brandt Group in 2005 ensured that Fagor became one of the largest appliance manufacturers in Europe. This also included the brand names of Ocean and De Dietrich.

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