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First Calgary Savings is a member-owned financial institution based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The organization was established in 1987 through the merger of seven open-bond credit unions, as well as two additional credit union purchases.

With $1.9 billion CAD in assets under administration, and more than 100,000 member-owners (as of October 31, 2007), First Calgary Savings is the third-largest credit union in Alberta. In addition to its 16 retail banking branches, First Calgary Savings includes a Calgary-based contact centre, 12 "One-to-One" financial planning centres, a Commercial Banking group, a Dealer Services operation, and Just Financial, a division which assists Calgarians in rebuilding their credit.[1]

First Calgary Savings jointly owns two subsidiaries with its British Columbia-based partner credit union, Envision Financial: inUnison Technology Services, which provides information technology services to credit unions, and inUnison Financial Services, which provides dealer-direct vehicle financing to auto dealers and buyers in Ontario.

For eight years running, First Calgary Savings has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, and over the past three years has been listed as a Platinum Club member,[2] the only credit union in Canada to hold this distinction. In 2007, First Calgary Savings was recognized as one of the Top 35 Employers in Alberta. The credit union is also designated a Caring Company by Imagine Canada[3] and is an Alberta’s Promise member.[4]

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