Template:Orphan Gayndah Packers Co-operative Association Limited (the Co-operative), Gaypak, was established in 1970 under the Queensland Primary Producers Co-operative Association Act of 1923. This Act was replaced in 1997 with Co-operatives Act: 1997, in order to have consistent legislation for all States. The Co-operative is a citrus packing and marketing organization located at Gayndah in the Central Burnett region of Queensland.

Gayndah Packers Co-operative Management and employees are committed to Quality Management and Food Safety as per our ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP accreditation. All steps are to be taken to ensure quality and food safety is in no way compromised. Any other accreditations (ICA-02, EurepGAP etc) must be adhered to precisely to protect the markets that these accreditations allow us to enter.

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