Template:Infobox nrhp Union Station in Goldsboro, North Carolina was built in 1909 at West Walnut and North Carolina Streets to serve the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, the Southern Railway, and the Atlantic and North Carolina Railway.

The ACL operated trains on the former Wilmington and Weldon Railroad between Wilmington (the original headquarters of the ACL) and a point near Wilson, where a connection was made to the Richmond-Florida main line.

Southern operated trains from Goldsboro through Raleigh and Durham to Greensboro.

When the station was constructed, the A&NC was controlled by the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS). In 1935 the NS lost control of the A&NC, which was then operated as the Atlantic and East Carolina; it was acquired by the Southern in 1957.

The last passenger train to use Goldsboro Union Station was discontinued in 1968. The station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is studying the resumption of passenger service from Raleigh through Goldsboro to Wilmington. On August 17, 2007 NCDOT announced that it had purchased the station and would renovate it to serve as a multimodal transportation center.


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