Template:Infobox Company Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company is a mutual reinsurance company based in Grinnell, Iowa. The company operates in ten midwestern states reinsuring over 280 mutual insurance companies.

The company earned an "A" rating from AM Best for 2006.

History Edit

In 1909, the company was formed in Greenfield, Iowa as "Iowa Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association" to provide reinsurance for county mutuals in Iowa. In 1933, the company moved to Grinnell, Iowa and changed their name to "Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association". The name changed again in 1948 to "Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Company". The current name, "Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company," was adopted in 1963.

Related Companies Edit

  • Big M Agency, Inc - Other lines of insurance
  • Grinnell Infosystems, Inc - Information services for farm mutuals
  • Grinnell Select - An auto insurance provider

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