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Kafé 44 is a café and concert place on Tjärhovsgatan 46 in Stockholm, Sweden. The importance and mythos of Kafé 44 can be compared to CBGB in New York and Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen.

The café is run divided into three non-profit groups that together run the café, Bokhandeln INFO, Dagfiket and Scen 44. INFO is an anarchist bookstore, dagfiket is the café open during the days and finally Scen 44 is the part that handles concerts and runs the café during concerts. The place is part of the building Kapsylen, an old bottling plant that is cooperatley owned.

Kafe 44 is also a popular place for anarchists, socialists and anti-fascists.

The café serves Cuba-Cola, coffee, various cookies and the famous ultra buns. Scen 44 is an open stage meaning any band can book it and get a percentage on the door. The entrance fee is normally between 30 and 60 SEK. Usually there is no age limit at the concerts.

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  1. Dagens Nyheter: Framtid på Kafé 44, Stockholm

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