This is a list of Co-operative Federations. For a list of individual Co-operative Enterprises, please see List of cooperatives.

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Europe Edit

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Oceania Edit

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New South Wales Edit
South Australia Edit
Victoria Edit
Western Australia Edit

New Zealand Edit

Africa Edit


Botswana Edit

Burkina Faso Edit

Cape Verde Edit

Cóte d'Ivoire Edit

Egypt Edit

Gambia Edit

Ghana Edit

Kenya Edit

Mauritius Edit

Morocco Edit

Namibia Edit

Nigeria Edit

Senegal Union Edit

South Africa Edit

Tanzania Edit

Uganda Edit

South and Central America Edit

Argentina Edit

Bolivia Edit

Brazil Edit

Chile Edit

Colombia Edit

Costa Rica Edit

Dominican Republic Edit

Ecuador Edit

El Salvador Edit

Haiti Edit

Honduras Edit

Mexico Edit

Panama Edit

Paraguay Edit

Peru Edit

Puerto Rico Edit

Uruguay Edit

Asia Edit

Bangladesh Edit

China, People's Republic of Edit

India Edit

Indonesia Edit

Iran Edit

Israel Edit

Japan Edit

Kazakhstan Edit

Korea Edit

Kuwait Edit

Malaysia Edit

Myanmar Edit

Nepal Edit

Palestine Edit

Philippines Edit

Singapore Edit

Sri Lanka Edit

Thailand Edit

Vietnam Edit


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