The Members Of Society Acting in Cooperation (MOSAIC) is a housing cooperative in Evanston, Illinois, United States. It is the only housing co-op for Northwestern University students, though it is not affiliated with the university.

MOSAIC was formed in 1998 and was originally located at 2013 and 2015 Ridge Ave, but moved to its current location in the autumn of 2004. The house is located at 2000 Sherman Ave, two blocks from the campus, surrounded by a primarily residential neighborhood. The co-op draws its membership from students of Northwestern as well as non-students. Members are committed to limiting environmental impact on the community and providing vegetarian/vegan cuisine. MOSAIC frequently hosts Northwestern student group activities, as well as its own events, such as open-mic nights and crafting workshops. The co-op currently states its mission as follows: "Through cooperative action, MOSAIC seeks to develop a diverse, inclusive community which inspires and empowers creative, conscious, sustainable living."

MOSAIC is a member of NASCO.

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