Template:Infobox Co-operative The Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA) is the provincial association of cooperative organizations, created by its members to enhance and support the development of a united, growing and influential cooperative movement in Manitoba. The MCA serves the common and individual needs of cooperatives in the areas of development, education, youth leadership, government relations and global awareness. MCA fulfills its mission by:

    • offering leadership programs helping youth to become active and knowledgeable cooperative members
    • providing forums for the flow of knowledge and information among cooperative leaders
    • working in partnership with the Canadian Cooperative Association, and others, in promoting the development of the cooperative movement in Manitoba, Canada and throughout the world
    • supporting programs helping members and the public learn more about the cooperative movement and the benefits of membership
    • helping groups form cooperatives, supporting the growth and success of cooperatives, promoting opportunities for co-operation among cooperatives and by recognizing cooperative achievement, and
    • assisting member organizations in relations with the Government of Manitoba and with the development of public policy.

MCA membersEdit

Cooperative Youth Leadership SeminarsEdit

The MCA hosts two Cooperative Youth Leadership Seminars each year for young adults between the ages of 15 and 18 years. Emphasizing learning through participation, the seminars encourage participants to play an active role in their leadership development process. Educational topics covered include: communication and public speaking skills, values discussions, working effectively in a group setting, diversity, global development, co-operation and cooperatives and leadership skills.

The CY sessions are held annually in mid-November and early May at the Riding Mountain Conference Centre/Camp Wannakumbac. The conference centre is located adjacent to Riding Mountain National Park and Clear Lake.

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