Moledet (Template:Lang-he, lit. Homeland) is a communal settlement in the Lower Galilee in northern Israel. It belongs to the Gilboa Regional Council.

The community was founded as a kibbutz on 4 July 1937 as part of the Tower and stockade program, and was named after the "Moledet" organization of the founders, who were immigrants to Mandate Palestine from Germany. In 1944 the community became a moshav shitufi named "Bnei Brit", named after the Bnai Brith organization in the United States which donated money for purchasing the land, in honor of their president Alfred Cohen. The place then changed its name to "Moledet-Bnei Brit" until in 1957 it finally reverted to just "Moledet."

As of 2006 the population is 747.

Template:Gilboa Regional Council Template:Coordhe:מולדת (יישוב) pl:Moledet (Izrael)

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