Template:Notability Muriel Lester House is a cooperative house that is part of the Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan. Lester House is located at 900 Oakland Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is named for the British peace activist Muriel Lester.

Six nights of the week, vegetarian meals (with a vegan option) are prepared by, and served to, Lester's 15 residents and any additional community members (or "outside boarders") who sign up for a meal plan. It is a three-story house at the corner of Oakland and Arbor in the student neighborhood. The basement is used for food storage and houses two computers for use by house members. The top two floors are bedrooms.

The house is owned by the members of the Inter-Cooperative Council. House operations are handled internally through a modified consensus process known as kwunsensus after Michael Kwun, former ICC president.

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