Template:Infobox Company Mutual of America Life Insurance Company, also referred to as Mutual of America, is a Fortune 1000 mutual company based in New York, New York. Founded in 1945, it is ranked on the Forbes 500 list as the tenth-largest insurance company in the United States.[1]

Mutual of America specializes in providing pension and retirement-related products, programs and services. This company also offers such products as variable universal life insurance, and group life and disability insurance. This company provides products and services for employee benefit plans of nonprofit organizations and corporations and their employees, life insurance and retirement products to individuals and mutual funds to institutional investors. Furthermore, this company distributes its products and provides support to its customers through salaried consultants located at its head office and in 36 regional field offices located across the continental United States and in Alaska and Hawaii.


  1. FORTUNE 500 2006 - Annual Ranking.



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