Template:Infobox Korean nameTemplate:Infobox Company The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (Korean: Nonghyup, 농협 or 농업협동조합) is a federation of agricultural cooperatives in South Korea.

It delivers supply, processing, marketing, and banking services through more than 4000 branches. It is listed in the 2007 International Co-operative Alliance Global 300 list of mutuals and cooperatives, ranked fourth by 2005 turnover, making it the second largest agricultural cooperative in the world, as well as one of the world's largest cooperative banking organizations.[1]


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According to its own figures, Nonghyup provides 48% of rural food marketing in South Korea.[2] It works in most agricultural sectors, but specializes in beef, pork and poultry products.[3]

Nonghyup operates a number of big-box stores called "Nonghyup Hanaromart" that sell fresh produce, fruit, beef, pork, and other food products. Many products at Nonghyup Hanaromart were processed in Nonghyup factories and bear the Nonghyup brand. It owns the Agricultural Cooperative College, a private technical college located in Goyang City, Gyeonggi province.

Nonghyup is the sister organization to Suhyup (or Su-hyeop, the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives), a similar cooperative federation concerned with the fishing industry of South Korea.

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Banking and financial servicesEdit

Nonghyup has two distinct banking operations. The first provides commercial banking transactions for its member cooperatives, including 108 trillion South Korean won (KRW) of loans outstanding at the end of 2007. The second provides retail banking for consumers and individuals in South Korea, including KRW 102 trillion of loans.[4] The banking division also provides insurance services.


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