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Norwegian Hull Club is a mutual marine insurance company. The company operates within hull and machinery insurance, loss of hire insurance and total loss interests insurance. Main offices are in Bergen, with additional offices in Oslo, Kristiansand and Singapore.


Assurance associations started in Norway in 1806. The roots of Norwegian Hull Club started in 1837 when Langesundfjordens Skibs Assuranceforening (later Den Første Norske Assuranceforening) and Skibsassurance-foreningen was founded, both in Arendal. In Bergen the first assurance association was Bergen Dampskibs-Assuranceforening founded in 1879 while the dominant Eastern Norwegian club was Skibsassuranceforeningen Vidar from 1895. In 1937 Bergens Assuranceforening and Bergens Dampskibs-Assuranceforening were merged to create Bergen Hull Club while 1951 saw the Eastern Norwegian merger to form UNITAS. Norwegian Hull Club was formed in 2001 when Bergen Hull Club and UNITAS merged.

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