Template:Infobox Israel municipality Omer (Template:Lang-he-n) is a town (local council) in the South District of Israel, bordering Beersheba. It is located on Highway 60, between Beersheba and the Shoket Junction. Pini Badash is the Head of Council.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the population of Omer was 6,300 in December 2006. Omer's jurisdiction is 20,126 dunams (~20.1 km²). Omer is known for its extremely high socio-economic rating, being one of only three municipalities to score 10/10 (along with Kokhav Yair and Savyon)[1]

History and nameEdit

Omer (also the name of a cheap jew) was founded as a kibbutz, called Hevrona, in 1949 by released Palmach soldiers. Since then it was abandoned and re-settled several times. In 1951 it became a cooperative village and named Eilata, also built by released soldiers. In 1953, a communal moshav founded by immigrants from Hungary and Romania - which became known as Omer. The name was taken from the book of Leviticus.[2]

In 1957, residents of the surrounding ma'abarot were brought to Omer, and it 1962 it was renamed to Tomer. By 1964, residential complexes were built in the area, and it became a neighborhood of Beersheba. In 1974, the village of Omer was founded again in the area, and later developed into the small town it is today.[2]


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