Template:Orphan The Princeton Cooperative is a housing cooperative located on Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington. It was built in 1907 and was converted to a co-op in the 1940s. It has 25 member-owned units and one unit owned by the corporation that is rented at a reduced rate to a live-in caretaker. There are three floors with eight units per floor. One unit is located in the basement as is communal storage and laundry facilities.

The building is owned by a non-profit corporation of which the residents of the building are member owners. The co-op is run cooperatively by the members via the seven-member Board of Directors that meets monthly to take care of the co-op's business.

Generally, membership is allowed to any one who wishes to purchase and live in a unit in the building. All potemtial members must go through a background check and an interview with the board, which has the right to deny membership for any reason.

Although a cooperative situation, members generally do not split the duties of the co-op's business with the exception of board service. A live-in caretaker is responsible for all cleaning duties and basic maintenance as well as working with various city and state governments to ensure all annual inspections are completed on time.

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