Template:About Siperia (Finnish for "Siberia") was the name of a squat in West Herttoniemi (Länsi-Herttoniemi) on the east side of Helsinki, Finland, also known as "Autonominen sosiaalikeskus Siperia" ("Autonomous social centre Siperia"). The squat occupied a small wooden house left vacant by the city council in 2002. After a failed attempt to evict the squatters, the cily council agreed to lease the place for a symbolic fee of 50 euro monthly. The lease was discontinued in December 2003, but there was no further attempts of eviction.[1]

It acted as a social centre, and as a space for underground bands and cinema.Template:Fact

Fire Edit

The squat burned down in the night of June 14, 2006. The reason for fire is unknown, the house was empty during the fire.Template:Fact

Helsinki squatters hope to find new venues, especially now that the other public squat in town, Vuoritalo, was evicted.Template:Fact


  1. Tila haltuun!

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