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The Beresford (211 Central Park West) (between 81st and 82nd Streets) is an upscale apartment building in New York City. The architect, Emery Roth, was famous for building luxury apartments and hotels throughout the city. The Beresford is one of four Roth apartments on Central Park West including The El Dorado (between 90th and 91st Streets), The San Remo (between 74th and 75th Streets), and The Ardsley. The Beresford is the largest by volume, and takes its name from the Hotel Beresford which had occupied the same site. The Beresford has two street-front facades: the Eastern facade overlooks Central Park; and the Southern facade overlooks Manhattan Square, the park that contains the American Museum of Natural History. Unlike some of Manhattan's prestigious co-op buildings, the Beresford accepts celebrities and politicians as residents. Current residents include comedian Jerry Seinfeld, singer Diana Ross, Betsy Gotbaum and Victor Gotbaum and tennis player John McEnroe. Former residents include historian Alan Brinkleyand the late Beverly Sills.

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