Template:Infobox Company TINE BA is the largest Norwegian dairy product cooperative consisting of around 18,500 farmers and 5,353 employees. It is running a near monopoly in Norway, with a turnaround of around NOK 14 billion. The corporation domestically offers the entire spectrum of dairy products. TINE's internationally known products are Jarlsberg cheese, Snøfrisk goat cheese, Ridder cheese, and Ski-Queen (geitost). TINE is one of the twelve agricultural cooperatives in Norway.


The company dates back to 1928 when "Norske Meieriers Eksportlag" (lit. Norwegian Dairies Export Group) was started. It changed its name to "Norske Meieriers Salgssentral" in 1942 and to "Norske Meierier" in 1984. The TINE brand has been used since 1992 to grant a better brand name for the dairy products. If Norway had joined the European Union in 1994, TINE would have had to compete with international dairies domestically and needed to position itself. After accusations that TINE was misusing its market position in 2004, Morten Andreas Meyer (H), then Minister of Government Administration and Reform, wanted to split up TINE by force, but did not get support for this.[1]


Subsidiaries which are partly or fully owned by TINE:[2] Template:Columns


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