Template:Coord The Trunk Space is an all-ages music venue, art gallery, and performance space in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It is located on Grand Avenue, between 19th Avenue and 15th Avenue.

Owners and operators JRC and Stephanie Carrico began running a coffee bar in the first location of the Paper Heart Gallery called "The Paper Cup." When Paper Heart moved locations, JRC and Carrico opened their own venue. They moved the location once soon after their opening, and now have remained in their current location, the former space for 3 Car Pileup art gallery. JRC and Carrico continue to operate "The Paper Cup" coffee bar from within The Trunk Space, and the location has been deemed the Best Cup of Coffee on Grand by Phoenix New Times.

The Trunk Space holds concerts by local and national touring bands, stand-up comedy, improv performances, and performance art, burlesque and variety shows, puppetry workshops and knitting circles, spelling bees and show and tell nights, and bellydancing and Argentinian tango nights.

The Trunk Space is home to a classic sitdown style Donkey Kong arcade game, as well as Phoenix, Arizona's only working black-and-white photobooth, which received recognition in the 2006 New Times Best of Phoenix awards.

The Trunk Space hosts Grand Avenue LIVE, billed as downtown Phoenix's only talk show, and is a stop in the city's First Friday Art Walk program. Some of their shows have include a comic book art exhibit and mail art.

The Trunk Space is the Phoenix location for Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.

In 2006, Frances Lopez started promoting shows at the Trunk Space under the name Fizzle Promotions [1] and has hosted local music showcases and national touring acts such as Peelander-Z, the Creeping Nobodies, Kind of Like Spitting and Simone White.

The Trunk Space is also home of a quarterly music festival called Fizzle's Quarterly Concern [2]

The Trunk Space has been featured in the Phoenix New Times as a Best of Phoenix award winner, Roadtrip Nation on PBS [3], in the pages of Spin [4], and on Good Morning Arizona on KTVK.

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