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Union Station is the inter-city railway station for Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It is a grand neoclassical structure situated near The Forks in downtown Winnipeg. It was built by the Canadian Northern Railway & National Transcontinental / Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Union Station opened in 1911, and was designed by Warren and Wetmore, the architects responsible for Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Union Station was for many years an important transportation hub in the region. Thousands of immigrants passed through its halls, and it was home to the regional office of the Canadian National Railway which inherited the building from its predecessors. Canadian National Railway turned over passenger rail services to VIA Rail Canada in 1978, which has operated out of Union Station ever since. At present, Union Station is used by two trains - the Toronto-Vancouver Canadian, and the Winnipeg-Churchill Hudson Bay.

Although it is still used as a passenger train terminal, the functions of Union Station have changed with time. For instance, the terminal building contains offices occupied by non-railway tenants. The trainshed, which includes a total of eight through tracks and four passenger platforms, houses the Winnipeg Railway Museum on two tracks and two platforms.

Union Station is one of two major inter-city railway station buildings in Downtown Winnipeg. However, unlike Union Station, the Canadian Pacific Railway Station ceased functioning as a railway station upon the creation of VIA Rail Canada in 1978 and is now used for purposes unrelated to de Winnipeg (Union) fi:Union Station (Winnipeg)

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