Template:Infobox Co-operative The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives' was founded at the U.S. Conference of Democratic Workplaces in Minneapolis, Minnesota May 2004.

The Federation was sponsored by The Cooperative Foundation in addition to other cooperative support organizations. It was created partly in response to growing regional organizing among United States worker cooperatives to serve to foster the sharing of information and resources between national gatherings.

Board of Directors, elected at the Federation's founding conference in May, 2004:

  • Eastern Representative - Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
  • Northern Representative - Bob Cahill
  • Western Representative - Lori Burge
  • Southern Representative - Frank T. Adams
  • At Large - Wolfgang Hagar, Omar Freilla, Kirsten Marshall, Tom Pierson, Brahm Ahmadi, Ajamu Nangway

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