Universal Cooperatives, based in Eagan, Minnesota, is a cooperative controlled by 17 regional agricultural marketing and agricultural supply cooperatives. The distribution system includes 110 regional feed mills, 26 warehouses, and 7 research farms. The company was formed November 1, 1972 by a merger of United Cooperatives, Inc. of Alliance, Ohio and National Cooperatives, Inc. of Albert Lea, Minnesota. The companies had inter-mixed ownership, leading to merger discussion, and eventual merger.

United Cooperatives, Inc. Edit

United Cooperatives began in 1930 as Farm Bureau Oil Company, and changed its name in 1936. Founding members include:

National Cooperatives, Inc.Edit

National Cooperatives was founded in 1933 by

Brands Edit

Universal owns the CO-OP brand, which is used on tires, batteries, farm chemicals, animal health products, twine, and lubricants. It distributes tires through the Mr. Tire chain.

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