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Von Cramm Cooperative is a student operated house on the West Campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York State. The house was founded in 1956 by a grant from Thomas Gilchrist to form a memorial house at the university in memory of his close friend Baron Von Cramm. Baron Von Cramm was a commanding officer in the 16th Panzer Division of the German army, and he died in the battles of June 1941, after his unit attempted to block the Soviet Army's retreat.Template:Fact Originally the house was a male scholarship house, but during the 1970s the house became a self-governing Coop open also to women.

Today the Coop continues to a be an active and vocal part of the Cornell University community. It has a history of social action (for instance the Coop's recent involvement in the Redbud Woods protest) and openness with a rich tradition of welcoming people from all parts of the globe.Template:Fact

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Current TenantsEdit

  • Alex Silver
  • Edgar Garcia
  • Ina Graur
  • Stephanie Gary
  • Jen Cheu
  • Jennifer Inloes
  • Daniela Herzog
  • Hannah Holmes
  • Hilary Kates
  • Nathaniel Erwin
  • Ou Jie Zhao
  • Jacob Ruff
  • Sarah Smith
  • Jarad Vary
  • Jeremy Kaller
  • Chris Dembia
  • Rosalia
  • Janna Deporter
  • Brittany Bundrant
  • Leo Baghdassarian
  • Maya Grinberg
  • Natasha Fay
  • Kara Smith
  • Tiffany Ng
  • Sueyeon Chung
  • Matthew Applegate
  • Fennia Carlander
  • Fari
  • Stina
  • Jonas
  • Karin
  • Karen
  • Mark

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