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Wedge Community Co-op or The Wedge is a food cooperative located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Wedge is a member of the Organic Trade Association and the NCBA. Wedge operates an online store called Wedge Worldwide.


Wedge was formed in 1974 in a basement apartment on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. In 1979, the Wedge moved to Lyndale Avenue. Wedge had a member labor program in place until 1992, when it built a new store in the lot adjacent to its store. An addition which doubled the retail space was built in 1997. Up until 1997, Wedge did not carry meat products. In 2003, Wedge launched a domestic fair trade program, supporting vendors such as Native Harvest. The Wedge was the first certified organic store in Minnesota.


The Wedge Co-op has a produce wholesaler, the Co-op Partners Warehouse. The Wedge was part of the Minneapolis Co-op Wars in the mid 1970s.Template:Clarifyme


Since 1997, The Wedge has administered a charitable giving program based on the 7th cooperative principle. The donations are given to community groups chosen by the Wedge membership by vote. In its history, WedgeShare has given nearly $240,000 to non-profit organisations.[1]


The Wedge uses IS4C, a Point of Sale (PoS) system for cooperatives.[2] The program was developed by Tak Tang, an employee of The Wedge.[3]


  1. Wedge Co-op Awards Local Nonprofits $50,000 in Grants Through Annual WedgeShare Program
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